Who We Are

“A traveler’s greatest conundrum: how everywhere and nowhere feels like home”

Who we aren’t:

Your average travelers. By trade, we are an international brand manager, a pediatric audiologist, a web developer, and an aviation professional. But at heart, we are cultural anthropologists driven by the curiosity, desire for limitless learning and a penchant for soaking in all the awe-inspiring experiences this planet has to offer.

Who we are:
We are The Adventure Club. 

A Miami-based girl gang, brought together by our fervor for globe wandering. Between the four of us we’ve visited nearly 50 countries, lived on four continents and called 19 cities home.   

We believe that true adventure lies outside the confines of a resort property. True adventure consists of cultural observation and adaptation. It’s about being open to all the logistical mishaps, miscommunication, discomfort and sometimes even danger, that you may encounter along the way.  

We believe that brilliant exploration goes far beyond a colorful Instagram photo. Brilliant exploration lies within letting the destination teach you – with its people, culture and history. It is immersive – but not disruptive or invasive.

Grand discovery is found in the flight delays, disorienting jetlag, wrong turns, shotty connectivity, missed connections and bad airport food. That chaotic but enriching life of travel has moved and taught us tremendously, and we hope it will move and teach you, too.

Whether you make your grand discovery while hanging off of a 4×4 in the Colombian jungle, haggling with a local gold merchant in Dubai, cliff jumping in Croatia, or participating in a Fijian Yaqona ceremony, it’s all just a flight away.  So what are you waiting for?  Go chase your runway.  


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