Packing Mission: Possible, the Guatemala edition

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We just got back from an amazing trip to Guatemala a couple weeks ago and we have so much exciting stuff to share with you guys! While a more traditional blog post with Guatemala recommendations, a recap of our itinerary, and travel tips is currently in the works, we felt that our trip packing prep deserved a post all on its own.

So let’s start here. Why Guatemala? This decision was easy. We have some dear friends in Miami who are Guatemalan and were kind enough to invite us down and host us in their country. Incidentally, this meant very little planning for us (yay!) aside from a stopover in Antigua for hiking and exploring around this former capital-turned-UNESCO-world-heritage-site. As for the rest of our time in Guate, well it was very much in the hands of our friends. Being that these friends are male (boys, we love you but your entire species is—err– hasty, when planning is concerned) we were given very little detail about where we would be going, what we would be doing, and what to expect. Since one of AC’s main tenants of travel is to roll with the punches (and we practice what we preach) we shrugged our shoulders excitedly and began packing for the trip that could land us in either a cozy lakeside abode near the famed Lake Atitlan, a balmy beach getaway in the country’s southwest coast, atop a chilly volcano summit, sightseeing through bustling streets of Guatemala City, or none of those circumstances at all.

If you peeped our journey to Ecuador, you’ll see how we’ve quickly become pros at packing for multi-climactic conditions and varied terrain (and all in a carry-on, nonetheless). So here is a glimpse into how each of us went about a similar packing conundrum and what we couldn’t leave home without:

What was in @DiegosDaughter’s carry-on?

No matter which climate I’m traveling to, I always make sure to bring really warm PJs because I get cold easily. You’ll never know what the a/c situation is like at your hotel/airbnb/home/etc. and while you can always remove clothes, being cold while sleeping is absolutely miserable. Since I’m a picky sleeper I always have earplugs and a facemask handy, too. My favorite Eberjey PJs can be found here – the guava color is too pretty!

My Havaiana flip flops are an important staple when I know there’s a chance I could be staying in less-than-luxurious lodging because they double as shower shoes and I’m a germophobe (there, I said it).

My favorite travel accessory, my inflatable neck pillow, goes with me everywhere. I like that it’s inflatable because it doesn’t take up space and doesn’t get as dirty as it would hanging on the outside of your suitcase. I recently owned and then lost this one but I love it so much I’ll probably repurchase!

Lastly, my Quechua backpack was in tow because it is perfect to have for an outdoorsy lake, beach, mountain trip like the one we had. It ended up being perfect for our day hike up to Acatenango Volcano. It comes in a ton of different colors and it’s truly a steal at only $12.99! (@lauritacambios has one too)

What was in @CobraEscobar’s carry-on?

My Stay Dry swimsuit bag. Whether you’re going on a hiking trip or a beach trip, a small waterproof bag can always come in handy. Another perk is that these bags don’t take up any room if you don’t end up using it, so throwing it in your bag just in case won’t weigh you down. The Ame & Lulu one I purchased is adorable on the outside and vinyl lined on the inside. Great when on the go for storing your wet swimsuit, sunscreen or any other items you don’t want touching the clean items in your suitcase.

My Wet Brush. Not all wet brushes were created equal… trust me. This one works wonders (and it’s for wet and dry hair)! So after your gorgeous locks are tangled from a day sailing around the Mediterranean, snorkeling with turtles or road tripping in the Wrangler, you’ll be thankful you have this travel size brush to detangle.  It has soft, flexible bristles allowing you to effortlessly comb through your hair without snagging, losing a ton of hair or crying your eyes out. #NoTears. I promise.  

My Danner hiking boots. These incredible hiking boots are amazingly stylish (which is by far their most important attribute) but also timeless. In Guatemala they took me up 13,000 feet of an incredibly steep, nine-hour volcano hike. Other perks? Their red laces, traction and stability, and also they’re leather but also 100% waterproof and SO  breathable. To top it off, these beauties are American made in Portland, Oregon. They’re pricey but will last you a lifetime.

What was in @LauritaCambios’ carry-on?

I don’t go anywhere without my LL Bean Personal Organzier Toiletry Bag – It comes in three sizes and many colors. I have the purple medium sized one and it literally fits everything I need and keeps everything in place with its many compartments. Not only that, but it comes with a small detachable mirror which can really come in handy (like for when I was at yacht week) and it has a hanger so you can hang it in a bathroom or closet, or really anywhere you find yourself doing your beauty routine. If I have this, I’m all set.

I also never travel without my swimsuit (and it’s always probably a Peixoto). You never know when you may need one. Enough said.

Lastly, my big collection of tech gadgets because I can’t pick a favorite and yeah I’m tech savvy 💁🏼

  1. Dr. Dre Beats UrBeats so that I can listen to my playlists with a nice beat or my podcasts with minimum background noise.
  2. My GoPro and Spivostick – With a push of a button it rotates your GoPro 180 degrees to catch all the action. Great for photo bursts or videos.
  3. JBL Charge portable bluetooth speaker 🔊 This thing fits in your carry-on like a glove. You can pull it out at the beach, on a bike ride, on a hike, or on a rooftop at your AirBnB. The charge lasts awhile, the sound is powerful and it has nice bass (which is essential). There are a few different types of JBLs, you can’t go wrong, but I have the Charge which has a USB outlet so I can charge my phone too.  

What was in @Jilianicoleg’s carry-on?

My Marmot Raincoat: Keeps you warm, keeps you dry, no matter the terrain you’re climbing. I’ve come to find how essential one of these are and now, I do not go on a trip without one! Also, it folds up super small and you can fold up the hood for easy storage. It comes on many colors and has some nice hidden pockets.

One of my several Boys & Arrows swimsuits: Because I never travel without swimwear. This gem is flattering, functional, classic and subtly sexy all in two pieces.

My Realher lip gloss: Received this treasure in my spring FitFabFun Box and can’t put it down. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the color; if there’s one piece of makeup that should be in everyone’s packing list…this is it.
Guate Antigua

See you later this week for a full debrief on Guate!


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