Sailing South Croatia- 10 tips you need to know before embarking on Yacht Week

Happy Tuesday, runway chasers!

@CobraEscobar and @LauritaCambios here. A few years ago at this time 59 yachts, 520 yacht weekers from 27 countries were setting sail through the Adriatic Sea to the southern islands of Croatia on Yacht Week. Both of us were among these yacht weekers.
Croatia Yacht Week Pano

For those of you familiar with this famed floating foray, we’re sure the words “Yacht Week” instantly bring a few things to mind: partying, sunbathing, and sailing…and repeating, for seven days straight. And while that’s not inaccurate (at all), hands down the coolest thing about Yacht Week is the sheer amount of people you can meet from all ends of the earth, in one of the most beautiful settings on earth.

So as a tribute to our time at Yacht Week, today on the blog we’re throwing it back and bringing you 10 tips you should know before you hop aboard the week of a lifetime.

Croatia Carpe Diem
Yacht Week crew in Hvar at Carpe Diem doing the infamous Croatian Mating dance!
  1. Splurge on the bigger yacht

    • Everything on the “entry level yacht” we opted for was insanely tiny. The “rooms” are not big enough for two people and their belongings (if you also plan on breathing while you’re in there). Unless you’d like to sleep on top of your cabin mate some people are cool with that and we certainly don’t judge.
    • Also the bathroom in the entry level yacht is actually the size of a coffin (and that’s a generous comparison). The “shower” doubles as the sink, and is situated about half an inch away from the toilet, which means everything you bring into the shower coffin with you, leaves soaking wet. (We got creative and turned the back of our boat into a makeshift outdoor shower and took turns hosing each other down in our bathing suits– everyday we were a milkshake short from bringing all the boys to the [boat] yard)
  1. Don’t skimp out on air conditioning

    • Living in South Florida we’re both well-accustomed to hellish heat, but we’re here to tell you this is not where you want to pinch your Yacht Week pennies. You’ll eventually need a break from the heat and the upgrade is well worth the extra $$. Also, have you ever tried to sleep (because you will need an hour, maybe two, a night😜 )  without A/C in the midsummer heat? Impossible.
  2. Pack eye masks and ear plugs

    • If you want some shut eye after a long night-turned-day, these will come in handy as sunrise shields and noise blockers. People will be stomping across your yacht at all hours of the day. On this note, be prepared to be around people 24/7.
  3. Dress smart (and pack smart, too)

    • We recommend finding a balance between bringing as little as possible (due to the space you’ll be working with) and just enough. You’ve got castle parties to attend and cliffs to be jumping off of.
    • Do not:
      • Forget your swimsuits (you will be living in them).
      • Bring heels (ladies). You’ll be walking on sand, boats, and cobblestoned streets, and a broken ankle will surely cramp your Yacht Week style.
      • Neglect your going out attire. At night people dress nicer than you expect, so dress to impress 👌🏼
  4. Prepare for lots of time on the water

    • If you’re prone to seasickness, bring Dramamine. If you’re prone to sunburns (or even if you aren’t) protect your skin and wear your sunscreen! #ForeverYoung
  5. Stock up on groceries (together as a crew, if possible) before you leave the harbor the first day

    • Buy twice the booze and water you think you’ll need and less food. You’ll eat out for at least one meal a day, so plan to shop for only one -maybe two- meals a day for the week. And snacks.
  6. Create a group boat fund with your crew at the beginning of the trip

    • Pooling your money helps keep everything fair and fun between friends. This is a good idea to do preemptively for communal items like groceries, dock fees, gas, booze, etc. There were eight of us and each pitched in around $150 for our group boat fund.
  7. Bring floats, fun party accessories, and costumes

    • On the last day of your Yacht Week adventure all the boats participate in a regatta race into the marina. Everyone dresses up, dances around the boats, goes buckwild, and debauchery ensues. It’s important that you’re decked out during the process.
  8. Hire a Skipper

    • Trust us on this one!  No matter how well you think you know to sail, you will likely not know the route. Hiring a skipper keeps things stress-free and reduces your chances of being the stars in a real-life Captain Phillips movie. (We didn’t hire a hostess, but many of our friends have and they highly recommend it.)
    • Also, keep your skippers in mind when buying groceries and paying docking fees — they are an additional member of your crew– and don’t forget to tip them at the end!
  9. Don’t expect Yacht Week to be like MTV Spring Break

    • The average age of a typical Yacht Weeker is early 20s to mid 30s, and most are cultured young professionals. One of the most amazing parts of the trip is hopping from boat to boat and making new friends from all over the world. You should be ready to be open minded and put yourself out there to meet new people. Yacht Weekers are there to party and behave ridiculously, yes, but moreover Yacht Weekers are brought together by one common purpose: to make memories that last a lifetime.

Happy sails to you! ⚓️
@CobraEscobar & @Lauritacambios

Croatia Split Crew
Cheers from Split, Croatia!


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