Behind the blog with @lauritacambios

So maybe you’ve Said Hello and you’ve even familiarized yourself with our mantra and Who We Are. If so, we appreciate ya! But do you really know us, know us? Whether we are physically crossing paths in a far off land, or virtually interfacing via the world wide web and social media channels, connecting with our fellow wanderlusts and runway chasers is super important to us.

With this goal in mind, we’re excited to bring you the first edition of Behind the Blog, through which you, our amazing readers, can get a glimpse at not just the face behind the post— but the soul behind the blog.

In honor of our dear @Lauritacambios turning 21 (again) today, this monkey gets to be the guinea pig for our very first edition of Behind the Blog! We sat down with this spicy tequila cocktail-loving jetski enthusiast and picked her brain about why travel (and Rihanna) inspires her… read on!

AC: Ok birthday girl, let’s start with the basics. All-time favorite international city?

L: Medellin, Colombia. Just take a look at this photo (above)… need I say more?

AC: Nope, you sure don’t and we couldn’t agree more! Trip, country, or experience that’s highest on your bucket list?

L: Skiing in the Alps. Both for the ski and because I’ve secretly always wanted to yodel from a mountaintop like the Ricola commercials.  

AC: And that’s why we love you, Cambios. Ok, some deeper stuff. What’s your very first perspective-altering travel memory?

L: When I went to Colombia for the first time in 2006. It was the first time seeing real in-your-face poverty. Seeing how happy people are despite having nothing, and how willing they are to help, and give, despite their situation was incredibly impacting for me and really put things into perspective.

AC: What is the biggest lesson traveling has taught you?

L: Traveling is an investment in yourself— its an education all on its own. Interacting with people from other cultures and making friends in other countries expands your mind because you learn about how different, or similar, their life experiences are to yours. And you learn to appreciate yourself, and others, more. It builds character and makes you stronger and smarter.

This is why I’m such a supporter of studying abroad. As a college student, you’re sort of floating around in a bubble of endless social activities with friends, sports functions, keg parties or… if you’re like I was, libraries (…jokes! My nickname isn’t Lauritachistes for nothing).

When you study abroad you’re picked out of this bubble and thrown out of your comfort zone to create a new life in another country, with a different language and culture with 100% strangers. At the age of 21 I was living in San Sebastian and traveling to other European cities by myself (not to mention without google or a smartphone). This truly changed me and created my passion for foreign discovery. I’m sure I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for that first abroad experience.

AC: Your best piece of advice for someone who wants to start investing in travel?

Wherever you go, live like a local. This means get off the resort! Some of my best travel memories were made when I stepped out of my comfort zone and into the unknown. Opening yourself up to the unknown lets you appreciate different cultures and appreciate what’s really important in life.

Also, you have to be adaptable. Having to to get from Vienna, Austria to Split, Croatia on a train through Slovenia, and from there somehow finding a marina in time to catch our yacht for Yacht Week, with absolutely no one speaking english, was a learning experience, and definitely frustrating at times. But, it made me stronger (though I probably wouldn’t say the same for Yacht Week…!)

You’ve also got to learn to master the skill of living with only a backpack or carryon for 10 days. If you can do that and also appreciate the finer things in life, you’ve won. It’s all about balance.

AC: Now some fun questions to wrap this all up. Favorite way to workout?

L: Barre Code and GoRun are my go-tos when I’m home here in Miami.

AC: Any guilty food pleasures?

L: Well, like I said I like a good spicy tequila cocktail and a cold brewski from Madhouse Beer. Oh, and guacamole.

AC: Favorite sports?

L: To do: skiing, on any surface, snow, jet, and water. To watch: football… Iowa Hawkeyes, baby!  🙌🏼

AC: Something that our readers may not know about you?

L: I’m a yelp elite… and I write some bomb ass grocery store reviews!

AC: And lastly, favorite Rihanna song?

L: We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris) ❤️

That’s a wrap! Happiest of birthdays @Lauritacambios, we hope you don’t feel a day over your shoe size 😉


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