Behind the blog with @cobraescobar

Oh happy day!

Today our very own @cobraescobar is celebrating a birthday, and the Adventure Club doesn’t take birthdays lightly. If you’re an OG Chasing Runways follower you may recall our Behind the Blog birthday tradition we started waaaaaay back in March for our resident pisceans @jilianicoleg and @lauritacambios.

So without further adieu, let’s get the dirt on this fiery Colombian AC member known to some as Judy Moncada, to others as Ashley Dawn, to a few as @diegosdaughter’s twin, and to us here at Chasing Runways as our soulful friend and confidante.

Cobraescobar Medellin

AC: What’s your all-time favorite city, birthday girl?
@cobraescobar: I love Vienna, Austria and pretty much any countryside town in Italy where delicious grapes are harvested and wine flows as freely as water.

AC: Trip, country or experience that’s highest on your bucket list?

@cobraescobar: Everywhere and everything…but if I have to pick, my top three are:

  1. Banff National Park in Canada– Mother nature at it’s finest. The hiking has to be spectacular as the views from the pictures I’ve seen are magnificent.
  2. Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, the world’s largest salt flat.
  3. Caño Cristales in Colombia, aka the “river that ran away from paradise”. For a brief period of time every year the river blossoms into a vibrant explosion of colors.

AC: What is the best travel-related mantra you have followed?
@cobraescobar: I can’t recall at what age this happened but I will never forget my Grandfather saying to me, “Ashley Dawn, you should aspire to travel to as many countries as you are old.” So far I’m at 31 countries but I’ve got a lot more exploring to do if I want to catch up with the small town Iowa boy who’s been to over 70!

AC: Something I’ll never be on board with when it comes to travel is…
@cobraescobar: Closed-mindedness. One of my favorite quotes sums it up pretty well: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. One of the main reasons the Adventure Club travels so well together is because for each of us, immersing ourselves in local culture, speaking to and learning from the natives, and attempting to understand distinct views and ways of life, (like trying all the dishes and foods you can). It’s incredible how much you can broaden your horizons by traveling the world with an open and positive mindset.

AC: Something I can’t live without is…
@cobraescobar: Jewelry. I have a slight obsession with gold..and emeralds…and sapphires…and just about any piece of beautiful gold or precious stone I can get my hands on. Emeralds are a favorite because the best emeralds come from Colombia. Yellow gold just so happens to be not only my favorite color, but my favorite metal. #AllGoldEverything 🇨🇴

AC: Any guilty food pleasures?
@cobraescobar: Yes, many. I love sweets paired with coffee (of the Colombian variety, obviously. With no sugar or milk). Dark chocolate, cookies and Oreo ice cream are a few other favorites. Oh, and wine. (Wine is a food, right?)

AC: Something that our readers may not know about you?
@cobraescobar: I love snail mail. There is something enchanting about receiving a hand-written letter or postcard. Dropping off something at the post office takes much more thought and consideration than emails or Facebook messages clouding the world wide web these days :p If that makes me an actual OG, so be it!

Cobraescobar Seattle

Friday, we out ✌🏽 #HBD @cobraescobar

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