Sunless in Seattle: 48 hours in the melting pot of culture, rain, and coffee

So what did the Seattle native say to the Pillsbury Doughboy?
….Nice tan 😂

Seattle’s ghastly weather is really no joke, but what the Emerald City lacks in sunshine it makes up for in things to do, mindblowing asian and seafood, limitless alluring natural surroundings, and yes… coffee.

This northwest Adventure Club hotpot is surrounded by water, mountains, and evergreen forests, and with more than 6,000 acres of parks in the city, you can see how Seattle lives up to its monicker. It’s also worth noting that emeralds are a favorite gem of @cobraescobar’s, so naturally she fell head over heels for this crisp and cool, tree and water-bound city… and therein our resident Seattle enthusiast was born.

Want to make the most of your 48 hours in this drizzly district? Hear us out!

Seattle Map
Check out the 🌎  from Herb Lester

Day one

  • Tea and crumpets, anyone? This spot has scrumdiddlyumptious housemade crumpets with many sweet and savory topping options. Stop in and order a few crumpets to share so you can try a variety. For those with a super-sweet tooth, we highly suggest the Vermont Crumpet. They also serve a great cup of coffee or tea.
  • Visit Pikes Place Market.  Surrounded by both fresh fish and beautiful flowers (and at amazing prices, at that), this place is, for all intents and purposes, an assault on the senses… but in the best way possible. Peruse through the stands and storefronts bearing handmade jewelry, paintings and decor, handmade pastas and olive oil that will make you think you’re in Italy and so much more! Also, in light of being in such a politically-charged year, check out Market Coins, it’ll make you laugh.
  • Stop into the OG Starbucks. Although the Adventure Club prefers boutique coffee shops, seeing the original Starbucks and learning a little about the history about how this coffee behemoth made it to nearly every street corner of America is pretty cool. 
  • Eat a pastry at Piroshky Piroshky.  Although you may fear Putin, don’t fear the line at this Russian pastry shop. Trust us, it’s worth it!  We suggest sharing a few different pastries (both of the sweet and savory varieties) and don’t skip out on the Marzipan Roll.
  • Have a beer flight at one of the many awesome local breweries (@lauritacambios #Gold). Although Seattle is well known for its coffee culture, coffee is not the only beverage embraced by Seattleites.  With at least 48 microbreweries in Seattle and over 170 in the state of Washington, microbrew culture has an undeniable role in Seattle. If you feel like brewery-hopping, by all means, enlighten yourselves.  Or check out a brewery tour around the city here!
  • Head to the Olympic Sculpture Park for a nice, easy hike if you’re into that and chill out in the company of your crew with a bottle of wine, cheese, a nice book afterwards. Worth noting that Washington has many great wineries and parks all over the state. 
  • Hit up the Space Needle and Chihuly Garden & Glass. Though mother nature will almost always work against your favor, try to go to the Space Needle on a clear day, it’s truly a beautiful view of the city. Chihuly ( @cobraescobar #Gold )  is ahh-mazing. No photo can do these glass masterpieces at the museum justice. Take a tour, and after stop by the the cafe for happy hour!  Tip: You can purchase a combo ticket for both Chihuly and the Space Needle, learn more.
  • Make rezies at Salty’s on Alki (the second-best view of the city after the Space Needle). Get the king crab. Mic dropped.

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Day two

  • Break your fast at Biscuit B*tch.  Enough said. @jilianicoleg #Gold
  • But first, coffee. Go on a coffee tour! This is a MUST but so is eating before the tour lest you get a serious caffeine overdose 😳 … you’ll thank us a latte.  Check out Seattle By Foot, it was awesome! The tour is 2.5 hours and roughly $30 a person. It takes you to three incredible coffee shops where you’ll learn about the multitude of brewing processes, coffee beans and tap into the coffee culture.
    • Fun fact: Seattle’s coffee culture didn’t start with Starbucks. It started when the Scandinavians settled in the area in the early 1900’s. Coffee is in a Scandinavians blood (literally), they just so happen to be ranked globally in top five coffee consumers.  
  • Get germy at the Gum Wall. This iconic and vibrant wall will put your Purell to shame, but it makes a solid Instagram photo. This wall is the second most germiest attraction after the Blarney Stone, and it’s located in an alley close to Pikes Place Market.  
  • Stop at Ivars Salmon for lunch with a view. This spot is located on the north side of Union Lake and it’s probably the only place in the world you can both nosh on, and see, up to 100-foot long salmon being collected by people on kayaks. 
  • The Seattle Waterfront is great for boat and people watching, and some super photo-taking.
  • Take a sunset ferry ride to one of the islands. Bainbridge was a beautiful island in which to eat, shop, wine taste, rent bikes and snap photos!
  • Watch the sunset or enjoy the dazzling city view in Kerry Park.
  • For an inexpensive yet delicious dinner, check out Thai Tom’s located in the University District. There aren’t many tables and there will most likely be a long line but the food and price make up for it.  If you can secure a spot at the counter you’ll get to watch the chefs in non-stop action, which is quite the show.  

Have more than 48 hours?

  • Take a ferry to Bremerton or  Victoria, British Columbia.
  • Tour the Boeing factory. It’s one hour north of the city and the largest building by volume in the world (yes, that’s a thing).
  • Columbia Tower is another great lookout to perch off of. Tickets to the 73rd floor cost $14.25, but you can also hop off at the 40th floor Starbucks and get a cityscape panorama for the price of an overpriced tall latte.   
  • Watch salmon migrate up the fish ladder at the Chittenden Locks in Ballard.
  • For pleasant hikes not too far outside the city limits try your hand (and hiking shoes) at Mount Ranier, Mount Baker, or Mount St. Helens.
  • Head to Wallace Falls, they’re 30-45 minutes to climb up and half the amount of time to get down. Sacomi Falls are also great.
  • Washington Park Arboretum is a hidden gem. Go see why.
  • Ride the Ferris Wheel located at Pier 57 on Elliot Bay.
  • Into sports? Check out Safeco Field for a Mariners baseball game or Centurylink Field for a Seahawks football game.

Sayonara, future Seattleites! Please drop us a question, comment, or love note in the comment box below.

Bainbridge Island Girls

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