Behind the blog with @jilianicoleg

Welcome to the second edition of Behind the Blog! Last week we got up close and personal with @lauritacambios, and now we get to celebrate the born day of @Jilianicoleg. And you know what that means… time to tell-all! Blogosphere, meet the Adventure Club’s soulful scholar and badass bosslady, @Jilianicoleg. AC: Ok, let’s dive right... Continue Reading →

Behind the blog with @lauritacambios

So maybe you’ve Said Hello and you’ve even familiarized yourself with our mantra and Who We Are. If so, we appreciate ya! But do you really know us, know us? Whether we are physically crossing paths in a far off land, or virtually interfacing via the world wide web and social media channels, connecting with... Continue Reading →

San Francisco: The city by the bay

While the Adventure Club is down for collecting passport stamps and chasing those international flight deals, we’ll never miss an opportunity to soak up a long weekend in some of our favorite US cities. As the right coast vs. left coast battle wages on, check out our top picks for exploring THIS left coast city we... Continue Reading →

10 Days in Ecuador

Leading up to our trip, we most likely could have covered the cost of our flights had we received $1 for each time we were asked: Why Ecuador? In short, this trip basically fell into our laps. One of AC's ruling tenants is to have several flight alerts set up at any given time; so,... Continue Reading →

Tulum: The Bali of the Americas

If the Adventure Club agrees on anything, it’s that Tulum slays. AC is in a very serious relationship with Tulum. When we’re not with her we miss her. We get butterflies in our stomachs when we see something that reminds us of her. We know all her flaws, and we love her more for them.... Continue Reading →

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