Behind the blog with @DiegosDaughter

An AC member turned a year older, so you know what that means: another edition of Behind the Blog! Birthday girl @DiegosDaughter dishes on her travel bucket list, favorite travel hacks, and why she’ll never drink coffee on a plane. AC: What’s your all-time favorite city?  @Diegosdaughter: I’m such a city person, so naturally my... Continue Reading →

Behind the blog with @cobraescobar

Oh happy day! Today our very own @cobraescobar is celebrating a birthday, and the Adventure Club doesn’t take birthdays lightly. If you’re an OG Chasing Runways follower you may recall our Behind the Blog birthday tradition we started waaaaaay back in March for our resident pisceans @jilianicoleg and @lauritacambios. So without further adieu, let’s get the dirt... Continue Reading →

Behind the blog with @jilianicoleg

Welcome to the second edition of Behind the Blog! Last week we got up close and personal with @lauritacambios, and now we get to celebrate the born day of @Jilianicoleg. And you know what that means… time to tell-all! Blogosphere, meet the Adventure Club’s soulful scholar and badass bosslady, @Jilianicoleg. AC: Ok, let’s dive right... Continue Reading →

Behind the blog with @lauritacambios

So maybe you’ve Said Hello and you’ve even familiarized yourself with our mantra and Who We Are. If so, we appreciate ya! But do you really know us, know us? Whether we are physically crossing paths in a far off land, or virtually interfacing via the world wide web and social media channels, connecting with... Continue Reading →

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